Anti Ageing Treatment

Anti Ageing Treatment

Ageing is natural processes that is inevitable but doing so gracefully is well within one’s control. At Dermaville we believe in holistic, patient-centric treatment as each skin is different and unique. We specialize in non-invasive therapies for anti- aging. After detailed examination, dermatologist will suggest suitable procedures which help to improve all signs of aging. This goes a long way in having a positive social outlook and also in improving one’s self- confidence.

Some of the treatments we offer at Dermaville:

Botulinum Toxin injections (Botox) – Botox or Botulinum toxin has more uses than just one. It helps reduce frown line, forehead lines, bunny lines, neck lines and also treat crow’s feet, dilated nostrils. Botox is also a great way to reduce pores and treat excessive sweating (underarms/palms and toes) and shape eyebrows.Botulinum toxin when injected into a muscle, relaxation of that muscle which helps reduce lines, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. The results are visible as early as 72 hours and last for over 4 months. However the results varies with every individual.The procedure takes less than an hour and one can resume his/her work immediately.

Dermal fillers – This technique involves filling hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in skin to restore its lost volume, thereby helping you achieve a younger, fresher look. The results are almost instant and in some cases seen after a period of 2 weeks. Depending on various conditions such as the type of filler, site of injection and one’s rate of metabolism, the effects last from 6 months to anything until 2 years!

HIFU (High frequency Ultrasound) – One of the most sought treatments for anti- ageing, it is a non-invasive procedure which involves the use of ultrasound waves. The procedure is performed by specialized doctors, is extremely safe procedure and results in excellent long lasting results.

Thread lifts – It is a minimal invasive procedure where sterile threads made of a special material called polydioxanone are inserted into the skin. These threads are completely absorbable and help stimulate body’s structural protein collagen, thereby ensuring long lasting results. This procedure has extremely low downtime.

Skin tightening – Dermaville offers the latest technologies for effective skin tightening which are also US FDA approved. We use a radiofrequency based technology helps in stimulating body’s own collagen, thereby providing for long lasting results. This procedure requires multiple sessions for optimum outcome.

Vampire lift – A measured combination of platelet rich fibrin matrix and hyaluronic acid is injected to obtain young and youthful skin. The platelet rich fibrin matrix used constitutes of natural growth factors from blood and is rich in healing properties